We Exist to Improve Lives

Vision Statement (where we are going)

To be the nation’s leader in providing legendary customer service excellence; by listening to our clients needs and responding with passion for the benefit of our clients, our community, and ourselves.

Our Story (where we came from)

In 1997 at the age of 20, Brian Leech was working for a small heating & cooling company and saving money for college. He quickly realized the home services industry was not known for its customer service excellence. With this realization, he set out on a journey to make a difference!

Brian Leech had 4 things when he set out on this journey: an endless amount of drive and ambition, a burning passion to serve others, a little heating and cooling knowledge, and $750.

He bought a van at a junkyard for $350, put a motor in it for $350 and paid $50 for some fliers. He then began knocking doors, handing out fliers, and earning clients!

Mission Statement (who we are)

Service Legends is a world class provider of residential home services such as: Heating, Air Conditioning, Geothermal, and Indoor Air Quality. These products and services are for improving comfort, reliability, peace of mind, and cleaner fresher healthier air in the home.

Our clients are those who wish to receive the best value for their money and not just the “cheapest price.”

Our goal is to become the nation’s largest provider of these services while maintaining a net profitability of 15%. We will always remember that the profits are for the clients and the better we serve them the better they will be. Focusing on achieving this goal will allow us to fulfill our primary purpose.

Our primary purpose is to create boundless amounts of opportunity for personal growth within our organization. Our culture is one that believes our individual success as leaders is determined by how many people we can assist in their path to success.

Core Values

Our core values are the pillars of our success. These values drive our daily decisions. When seeking out new team members they must display these values and maintain them while being a Service Legend. We believe that when a person embraces these values and lives them on a daily basis then we can achieve anything. The following are Service Legends core values and what they mean to us.

Enthusiastic Attitude

Celebrating Wins, Having Fun and showing up with a “We Will Overcome” Attitude.


Doing the right thing even when no one is looking and being honest with one self.

Serving Heart

Doing serving activities that make the world and the people in it better than we found it.

Open, Honest Communication

Reciprocating dialogue that interrogates reality to produce WIN/WIN outcomes.


You can count on me.

Core Philosophy

For us to be successful as a team there must be three winners in everything we do (Win, Win, Win). The three winners must win in this order:

First, the Client must Win.

Clients are our first consideration in everything that we do. Without clients, we wouldn’t be able to support a team.

Second, the Team Member must Win.

If the team member is happy with the team environment, and are providing for their family, then they will be able to make our clients happy.

Third, the Team must Win.

If the team doesn’t make its goals, then it will be in danger of letting both the client and the team member down.