Utility Overpayment Calculator

How Do You Know if it makes GOOD FINANCIAL Sense to Invest in a Home Comfort System?

It’s Purely Math so we have developed this Utility Overpayment Calculator to determine your estimated energy savings over the life of your system when you update your current Heating and Cooling equipment. When you know the math it will help you determine the right choice for you and your family’s home.

Calculate possible savings if you update your current Heating and Cooling equipment.

Unsure of the terminology? Hover underlined words for more info.

  1. Select your location on the Cooling and Heating maps. For more accurate results, select your city/state in the dropdown below the maps.

  2. Key the square footage of your home, then press Tab or [Enter].

  3. Verify the Equipment size, System Type, SEER/AFUE/HSPF of your current system (if unsure, select the approximate year the equipment was installed).

  4. Click ‘Calculate’ to see the results you can expect from updating your equipment.