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BREAKING NEWS: Certified Home Comfort Systems Can Qualify for Massive Rebates Up to $1,500…

Your energy company, Mid-American has been working tirelessly over the last few years with the really smart energy efficiency guys. Y’know the ones who wear pocket protectors and carry a slide rule. They’ve joined forces to roll out big changes to rebates on heating and air conditioning equipment! The biggest rebates I’ve EVER seen in my career are being offered to homeowners who take advantage of this program. But here’s the deal: the only systems that qualify for these massive savings have to be installed by a certain “A-Team” type of technician – Certified technicians approved by MidAmerican – who meet the mark for System Adjustment and Verified Efficiency (SAVE) If a system is going to qualify for a rebate, it’s got to do what it’s supposed to do and live up to the efficiency numbers on the side of the box! I’m pumped about this level of accountability in our business! It’s long over-due.

How much of a rebate can I get?

The efficiency rating of the equipment is the initial determining factor in identifying how much of a rebate you will get. See the rebate schedule below for specific amounts and efficiencies of equipment.

What is a HVAC SAVE-Certified System and what’s different with installations now?

A SAVE-Certified system is one that is installed by a SAVE-Certified contractor that utilizes specific steps during the design and installation of your system to ensure that the systems performance is rated at “EXCELLENT.” The new System Adjustment and Verified Efficiency (SAVE) certification assures you that the heating and cooling professional installing or maintaining your new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) System is properly trained in energy-efficient installation and measurement. For Service Legends there is no difference in what and how we do it. We adopted the procedures required by this program in 2008 when it became apparent that this was the ONLY way that we could get the most efficiency out of systems installed by us. Most Service Legend Installed systems come with a 25% Energy Savings Guarantee. This means that the systems must perform at the optimum levels that the system was designed for. Our “SECRET SAUCE” is to design a system based around our client’s wants and needs while taking precise measurements of not only the furnace and air conditioner requirements but also the home design, installation, and most critically the duct design. It seems the art of proper airflow for an HVAC system was almost lost in our industry. What you can expect different with the new rebate requirements are our installation teams will first begin with a “test in” of your old inefficient system to determine how the performance errors form when it was originally installed. They will then design and optimize your new system after installation. The final step is to “Test Out” your new home comfort system. It must meet certain specifications during this phase to qualify for the tremendous rebates available. If it fails to meet the standards of “EXCELLENT” during test out there will be NO REBATES! This is why it is so critical to utilize a contractor that is experienced in installing systems this way and guarantees all of their work.

Why has this change come into the industry and how does it affect me?

The most important day in the life of a new system is the day it’s installed… A study was done for 1000 homes on the efficiency of the heating and air conditioning systems. The average performance of BTU delivery was barely over 50%. What does this mean for homeowners? For every $1.00 that you spend to heat your home you are only getting about 50 cents worth of heat. For example on a 95% efficient furnace you should get 95 cents worth of heat not 50 cents. For years and years, the rebate was only linked to the equipment… but the energy analysts got smart and realized that there were a bunch of unqualified technicians doing shoddy installations that cheat the homeowner out of the efficiency promised on the side of the box. Well those days are gone. The heating and air conditioning industry is finally going to be held accountable to the performance of HVAC systems. It is amazing the little differences that can make such an enormous impact on the efficiency of your system. Static Pressure, for example, is just one of the key performance indicators on your heating and air conditioning that if not correct can cut your energy efficiency in half.

What 4 Factors determine the size of your investment in the right home comfort system?

1. Technical Requirements (Can’t Change)

How many square feet of living space does your home provide? What is the style or layout of the floor plan? One, two, three story? How does the construction determine the type of heating and/or air conditioning required? Is it designed for hot water heating, steam or forced air? The size, configuration, windows, and insulation will directly affect the size of your system.

2. Code Requirements (Can’t Change)

What are the safety and building code requirements in your town, city or state? Strict safety and code requirements can significantly affect the cost of the installation.

3. Environmental Choices (Your Choice!)

There are products available today (that did not exist 10 years ago) designed to enhance the comfort your system provides: the purity and freshness of the air you breath: and the convenience of your system’s operation and maintenance. Obviously, the more accessories you add, the more expensive your complete system will be.

4. People Choices (Your Choice!)

You can choose the people you want in your home to install and service your furnace and air conditioning system. Do you want people who don’t smoke, drink, swear, or abuse your property or family members… someone without a criminal background? Do you want someone you know you can trust to enter your home with your spouse or children… someone you could even trust with a key to your home? These are the kinds of people we hire. They are rare and get paid very well. If they fail on any one of these points, they will not work for us.

Our technicians are as focused on their professional capabilities as they are on their moral convictions. They are certified graduates of one of the most elite HVAC training centers in the country. And they participate in a minimum of 150 hours a year of scheduled training sessions for new technology and installation best practices.

Service Legends has the ONLY heating & cooling technicians in the Des Moines area with the Technician Seal of Safety.