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If You’ve Ever “Charged” Your Home Air Conditioner… Then Federal Law Means Your Air Conditioner May Face Some Hefty Expenses this Year!

2 Things YOU MUST DO: If DON’T Want to Buy a New Air Conditioner…

  1. Test Your Air Conditioner for R-22 Freon Leaks
  2. Make Certain Your Air Conditioner is NOT LOW on Refrigerant

If you do not take care of this ASAP, the cost of R-22 Refrigerant Will Become So Expensive You Won’t Be Able to Afford Fixing It!

Wholesale Price of R-22 Goes from $50 per Jug to $830 Per Jug in just 10 Years

An important piece of legislation passed that could affect YOU directly… If your air conditioner is over 12 years old, it probably uses R-22 Refrigerant as its cooling agent! R-22 has been declared an environmental hazard! It’s linked directly to ozone depletion and global warming.


My name is Brian Leech. I’m the owner of Service Legends. Thankfully, R-22 is NOT harmful to the physical health of your family. BUT the elimination of R-22 could mean that you will face some HEFTY expenses in the future… Here’s why…

Without R-22, Your Air Conditioner Can’t Cool Your Home!

As of 2009, manufacturers can’t install R-22 in any new A/C’s. Not long after, the Federal government began banning it completely. So, if your system needs just a pound of R-22, it might cost as much as $400! Eventually, you won’t be able to get it at all! It can’t even be shipped in from another country!

If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it means your house won’t be cooled down. Your R-22 Refrigerant is what keeps you comfy on hot summer days! So, without it, your air conditioner is useless!

Freon is Forever… (Unless it Leaks Out)

Air Conditioners do not consume refrigerant. That is a Myth! If your air conditioner is regularly maintained, it’s possible it may NEVER need additional R-22 Refrigerant. Air conditioners leak refrigerant when they’re not being cared for.

Air Conditioners are high-tech pieces of equipment with fine-moving pistons and joints that are designed to work together in order to keep your home comfortable. It’s when they’re not properly maintained that your A/C will break down and potentially begin losing Refrigerant. Our System Rejuvenation keeps your system working at peak efficiency, so no problems develop.

During a System Rejuvenation, one of my expert service technicians will conduct a multi-point inspection of your A/C. He’ll make sure your system is cleaned, adjusted, lubricated, and made fully functional. And should it need any R-22, he can add it… before it’s too expensive to charge or it’s not even available! In addition if there are any leaks we will give you an exact to the penny price to repair them. For certain easily repaired leaks like shrader cores and leaky caps we will throw those in for free.

After your System Rejuvenation is completed, your air conditioner should run as strong and true as the day it was installed. With regular System Rejuvenations in the future, hopefully, you won’t ever need additional R-22! Your A/C will keep you comfortable for many years to come!

Receive Your System Rejuvenation For HALF OFF!

System Rejuvenations will keep your system running efficiently (as much as 17% more efficiently), AND they will add years to your A/C’s life by eliminating costly repairs, like the addition of R-22. And for the first 200 homeowners, because the heat wave has not come yet I can offer you my $315 System Rejuvenation for only $157! That’s HALF OFF! To schedule your System Rejuvenation, call 515-657-6634 soon. Our schedules tend to fill up quickly, and I’d hate for you to miss out on this incredible price!

I Guarantee Your System Will Keep You Cool and NOT Need R-22 this Year, or I’LL FIX IT FOR FREE!

I feel so confident that my System Rejuvenation can keep your air conditioner working properly that I guarantee you will be cool and comfortable all year long… That’s right… if after your System Rejuvenation you follow the recommendations of my technician, I’ll guarantee your air conditioner won’t break down or leak R-22 this year! If it does—I’ll repair it for FREE! It’s My FIX IT RIGHT OR IT’S FREETM GUARANTEE!

Please, if you have an air conditioner that is 12+ years of age, it’s highly likely it has R-22! This Refrigerant will be BANNED in 2020. So, between now and 2020 it will be highly expensive to charge up… should your A/C need it! After some time, you won’t be able to get it at ALL! Your system will be OBSOLETE!

The best way to ensure your air conditioner does NOT need R-22 is to have a System Rejuvenation performed. Keep it running strong and true, and it WON’T leak. Call me now at 515-657-6634 and receive your $315 System Rejuvenation for only $157! Hurry, before all of our appointments fill up!

Yours in Comfort,
Brian Leech, Owner

P.S. Remember, if your air conditioner is over 10 years old, it likely uses R-22, which is being BANNED! The only way to avoid expensive repairs and the need for additional R-22 in the future is to have a System Rejuvenation performed on your A/C! The First 200 homeowners will receive the Service Legends $315 System Rejuvenation for only $157! And it’s backed with my FIX IT RIGHT OR IT’S FREETM GUARANTEE!

For the Geeks Who Want to Know More: R-22 Phase out Timelines and Impact


Of the dozens of regulations that have been issued the last few years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) rule governing the production and importation of hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)-22 has had perhaps the most immediate impact on HVACR contractors and homeowners Additionally, the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program, Section 608 of the Clean Air Act, and President Barack Obama’s Climate Action Plan have all shaped the ever-changing refrigerant landscape. And, with no signs of this regulatory action slowing, 2017 is set to be another year full of significant changes in the refrigerant market, including skyrocketing prices.

R-22 PHASEOUT Marches On

In October 2014, the EPA announced its final phasedown schedule regarding the production and importation of HCFC-22. The order called for an immediate drop from 51 million pounds allowed in 2014 to 22 million pounds in 2015, 18 million pounds in 2016, 13 million pounds in 2017, 9 million pounds in 2018, and 4 million pounds in 2019. No new or imported R-22 will be allowed in the U.S. on or after Jan. 1, 2020.

With meteorologists predicting warmer-than-normal temperatures this summer, industry leaders only expect demand for the refrigerant to increase.
In 2006 a contractor could purchase a 30 pound jug of refrigerant for less than $50. The spring of 2017 the contractors cost without markup is currently $830 per 30 pound jug. For homeowners this means looking at multiple options with leaking R22 air conditioners.


One development that has helped alleviate the demand for R-22 moving forward is the end of production of the dry-shipped R-22 unit. As of February last year, manufacturers could not build or produce dry R-22 condensing units. Everyone anticipates things will get tighter, and prices will continue to increase as the clock winds down to the complete phase out of R-22 in 2020. As the reduction of the R-22 supply continues, there becomes an increased likelihood for black market and counterfeit refrigerant.

Jay Kestenbaum, senior vice president of sales and purchasing, Airgas Inc., also warned against counterfeit refrigerants. “When products are in short supply, such as in the past with chlorofluorocarbons [CFCs] like R-12, there is an increase of smuggled product and tainted, contaminated, or false substitutes proliferating the industry,” he said. “Purchasers should know whom they are buying from — not only their reputation but also the history of the product — to prevent exposure from these illegal imports or below-spec substitutes.” – ACHR News Magazine


As R-22 inventory drops off and prices continue to rise, manufacturers are working to bring new refrigerants to market and ensure the supply chain is aware of such products and how to use them. Equipment is currently being built with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A. There are also options for completely removing the R22 and converting the system over to replacement refrigerants such as 421A. Homeowners can expect this to cost between $800 to $1400 dollars to accomplish.


From manufacturers to distributors to HVACR contractors to homeowners, nobody will be unaffected by the R-22 phase out and the other numerous refrigerant changes and innovations that occur in 2017.

We’ve already heard from wholesalers that they anticipate having trouble getting ample R-22 supply for the 2016 season and expect its price will reflect the supply-demand balance, or imbalance, in the market. This then translates to contractors, as they may experience spot shortages in supply and higher prices in 2017 and beyond.

HVACR contractors will only see R-22 prices continue to increase leading up to the end of production and importation in 2020.

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