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Be a Service Legends Mystery Shopper & Get…

  • One FREE Tune Up on your Furnace or Air Conditioner, PLUS
  • One time 20% discount on service and repairs, PLUS
  • One time 10% discount on new equipment!

What is a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery Shopping is the most accurate and reliable tool Service Legends can use to gather information regarding their actual customer service performance at the moment the client is being served.

This information allows us to continually enhance the value and experience our clients receive. At Service Legends it is not an option for us to have a gap in what we say we do and what we actually do.

This is where you, the Mystery Shopper, come in. You act just like you would as a client and provide feedback of both factual observations (“he made a mess around the furnace and left it”) and your own personal opinions (“he talked over my head” or “he was so friendly”).

Mystery Shoppers MUST remain anonymous. You must act as a “regular customer” and be careful not to do anything that would reveal you as a mystery shopper.

Our goal with the Mystery Shopper program is to obtain information that will allow us to continue:

  • Retaining existing customers
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Creating word-of-mouth advocacy
  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Deliver more value to our clients

Mystery Shopping is fun and exciting but also must be approached very seriously and is definitely not for everyone.