Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products

Service Legends stocks and sells the following Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products. Refer to our Hazard Chart to see which hazards each of these products eliminates.

Ultra HEPA Shield Bypass Filter System

ultra hepa shield bypass filterExtreme air filtration similar to what is used in hospitals, clean rooms, and microchip manufacturing plants. The air travels through three air filters before going through the furnace and back into the rooms in your home.
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Micro Particle Shield Air Cleaner

Micro Particle Shield Air CleanerThis is an electronic polarized media air cleaner. 97% effective in filtering air particles .3 microns and larger. The product paired with a High Velocity Duct Cleaning creates the ultimate dust free zone in your home.
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BioCept Air Scrubber

BioCept Air ScrubberThis utilizes an UVC light bulb to reduce mildew, mold, and fungi in the air. It also illuminates and defuses bacteria and airborne viruses. This UVC light is 3.3 times more powerful than standard UV lights. The BioCept Air Scrubber utilizes the same technology used in hospitals called Germicidal UV Light Treatment.
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Oxy3 BioCept Air Scrubber

Oxy3 BioCept Air ScrubberThe Oxy3 BioCept Air Scrubber pairs the same UVC bulb in the BioCept Air Scrubber with an adjustable UVV light. The UVV light neutralizes gases and odors in your home. It helps eliminate problems like lingering odors, mold, mildew, fungi, and even tobacco smoke. It also uses oxidation to attacks toxic compounds like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.
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Coil Pan Treatment

coil pan treatmentCoil Pan Treatments are an affordable way to help prevent fungi, mold, mildew and bacteria growth in your air conditioner evaporator coil. It keeps the drip pan clean and will help prevent service calls for plugged drains.
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By-Pass Humidifier

By-Pass HumidifierHumidifiers add moisture into the air in your home. They can help with dry skin, static electricity, bloody noses, dry throats, and even keep the wood floors in your home from buckling.
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Fan Powered Humidifier

Vapor Mist 3000The fan powered humidifier utilizes a fan to increase the efficiency and control the humidity being put in the home. It adds the water vapor after the air has been heating and is better at absorbing the moisture.
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High Velocity Duct Cleaning

ToraVac Source RemovalThis source removal process includes a 9 Step Process. The powerful vacuum used has the ability of 66 commercial shop vacs working at the same time. This duct cleaning also comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee test drive for 1 year!
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