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Halloween in Des Moines is filled with fun festivities that thrill and excite both young and old. Parties, treats and colorful costumes are all part of the beloved traditions. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), more than 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, with 7 in 10 consumers handing out candy. That’s a lot of chocolate! Service Legends, your home comfort heroes, are also big on celebrating Halloween and want to make sure that our Des Moines neighbors enjoy a safe and happy holiday. Keep your family and home protected with these tips from the National Safety Council (NSC) and other safety authorities.


If your child has a costume with a mask, make sure that the eye holes are large enough for them to see appropriately. Only purchase costumes and accessories that are fire-resistant.

When trick-or-treating after dark, put reflective tape on costumes to ensure that your kids are visible to traffic. Flashlights, glow sticks and other light-emitting accessories not only help kid’s see, but offer another way to heighten to visibility.

Always check to make sure that the makeup you buy is nontoxic and test it out on a small area of skin (like their hand) to make sure they are not allergic to it. Remove all makeup before sending them to bed to ensure it doesn’t irritate their eyes and skin.

According to the NSC, October ranks as the second highest month for pedestrian motor vehicle deaths (August is first). A parent or guardian should always accompany young children during their trick-or-treat activities.

Make sure that children only visit homes that have their porch lights on and are decorated in some fashion. Most homes clearly “advertise” whether or not they are participating in trick-or-treating festivities. Kids must also be made aware of the dangers of entering homes or cars for candy.

If you have older children who are trick-or-treating alone, make sure that you go over a planned route for them to take. Also keep them to a set curfew (many cities and neighborhoods have a specific window for trick-or-treating).

Both children and adults should keep their electronic gadgets turned off while trick-or-treating. At night all eyes need to be focused on the surrounding area to ensure complete safety. Pokémon can wait.


Prepare a full meal before the children head out for trick-or-treat to ensure they aren’t hungry. All candy needs to be thoroughly inspected by an adult before it is eaten.

Throw out any candy that has loose wrappers, has been punctured or is unwrapped. Also never eat treats that are homemade unless you know the person who is giving them away.

Burning candles (especially scented candles) are not good for your home’s IAQ. But burning candles also poses a fire hazard – particularly around paper or plastic decorations. Flameless (battery operated) candles flicker like real candles, last much longer and are far safer than their wax counterparts.

When decorating your home, be aware of your placement of electrical décor including lights, motorized figures and illuminated objects. Decorations with hot bulbs are potential fire hazards and should be kept away from paper and plastic products.

Keep Halloween décor and any extension cords away from heavily trafficked areas, to avoid tripping.

Turn off all lights and electrical décor before going to bed at night. An overheated bulb or battery could catch fire and cause extensive damage if left unattended.


Service Legends hopes that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable Halloween season. And remember, if things get scary with your HVAC system this fall, we can help with all of your repair and service needs. Call us any time at 515-657-6634 to schedule an appointment!

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