A Healthy Fall IAQ

Earlier this year we discussed ways on how to keep a healthy summer IAQ (indoor air quality) in your Des Moines home. It’s often difficult keeping the indoor air free of contaminants during the spring and summer seasons. Outdoor allergens, pollution (intensified) by heat, outdoor activities and homes closed tight can lead to unhealthy air. […]

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Is Ventilation Duct Cleaning Beneficial?

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Dust, dirt, contaminants and pollutants all suspend themselves in the air easily.  They’re tracked in from outside on shoes and clothes, then deposited on every surface before eventually being whisked away into the ductwork of your home. Of course, a light amount of surface dust adhering to the inside of your ductwork isn’t a problem.  […]

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chemical air freshener dangers

The Dangers of Air Fresheners

Keeping our homes smelling fresh and clean is sometimes more important to us than any other aspect of a clean home.  To that end, the battery of air fresheners has grown and continues to expand over the years.  Whether it’s simple baking soda remedies, plug-ins, diffusers, sprays, or candles, we’re constantly trying to find new ways of mitigating odor […]

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What is a UV Air Filter?

What is an Ultraviolet Air Filter? Air filters remove dust, hair, and pollens from your home’s indoor air.  They even filter out several mineral pollutants to leave your home’s air fresh and clean.  But microscopic contagions are much harder to trap or kill because of their small size. Many can easily slip through the safeguard of your air filter […]

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How to fight bad smells at home

Dealing with Odor in Your Home

When you’ve planned for guests, a few final touches to cleaning your home are standard.  Unfortunately, even after you’ve finished, strong smells and terrible odors can linger for hours.  Some of them are caused by unpredictable behavior, while others are just pure bad luck.  So the next time your preparing, and the sink backs up, take a few pointers from […]

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Types of Air Filters for HVAC and Furnaces

Which Air Filter do I Need?

Air filters keep the dust out, mitigate allergies, and keep pollution levels low inside our homes. Using the right filter can even mitigate (but not remove) the effects of smoke or pet dander.  A quality filter will always lead to better breathing, regardless of the season. Not all filters are created to the same specifications.  Different […]

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