Is Ventilation Duct Cleaning Beneficial?

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Dust, dirt, contaminants and pollutants all suspend themselves in the air easily.  They’re tracked in from outside on shoes and clothes, then deposited on every surface before eventually being whisked away into the ductwork of your home. Of course, a light amount of surface dust adhering to the inside of your ductwork isn’t a problem.  […]

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Basic Care and Maintenance Tips for Home Cooling and Heating

Air Care Tips for Heating and Cooling

Truth: Your heating and cooling system is complicated and can be difficult to work with if you aren’t a professional.  This doesn’t excuse the fact that there are things you should be aware of and actively maintaining throughout the year.  Hot or cold, many things in both your furnace and air conditioner require similar maintenance […]

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Quick Home Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

5 Home Maintenance Tips

Sometimes, the health of your home isn’t about major repairs or massive upgrades.  A few small maintenance checks here and there are all you need to make sure that your home is working the way it needs to be on a daily basis.  So today, let’s take a look at 5 quick home maintenance tips designed to keep your […]

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How to Clean a Furnace Pilot Light

How to Clean a Pilot Light

While many pilot lights are being replaced with an electrical spark, older furnaces still use them.  A pilot light is an ever-burning gas flame built into your furnace to light it when heat is necessary.  Since the pilot light has a constant flow of gas to it, if it ever extinguishes, you would find yourself with a gas suffocation […]

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Types of Air Filters for HVAC and Furnaces

Which Air Filter do I Need?

Air filters keep the dust out, mitigate allergies, and keep pollution levels low inside our homes. Using the right filter can even mitigate (but not remove) the effects of smoke or pet dander.  A quality filter will always lead to better breathing, regardless of the season. Not all filters are created to the same specifications.  Different […]

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How to Dust Effectively

How to Dust During the Winter

Spring cleaning is all well and good when the weather is warm outside at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, dust doesn’t take a vacation and will build up even when it’s not a good season for opening the windows. It’s still important to keep your house dusted and clean, both to preserve the quality of your air and to […]

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