Fall Fire Safety

As we celebrate another Labor Day, Des Moines residents get ready for the inevitable change in weather. Fortunately, the temperatures already show signs of seasonal relief from the summer heat. While technically autumn doesn’t begin until September 22, Service Legends knows early preparation is important. While scheduling annual furnace maintenance should be on your list, […]

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Earth Day 2016, Energy Saving Appliances and Devices

Saving with Energy-Efficient Systems

It’s International Earth Day everyone! Happy Earth Day! We’ve been gifted with a beautiful blue and green home here and it’s our job to take care of it while we enjoy it.  Currently, the best way to do that is by reducing the amount of waste we generate on a daily basis.  That means doing […]

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How to use geothermal power to heat and cool your home

Geothermal Heating & Cooling: The Basics

For a long time, the idea that an untapped wealth of energy existed just beneath our feet that is renewable and cutting-edge science fiction seemed just around the corner.  Geothermal energy (the heat that resides deep in the Earth) has been a mainstay of science fiction and (more recently) renewable energy.  Caves have been a […]

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Basic Care and Maintenance Tips for Home Cooling and Heating

Air Care Tips for Heating and Cooling

Truth: Your heating and cooling system is complicated and can be difficult to work with if you aren’t a professional.  This doesn’t excuse the fact that there are things you should be aware of and actively maintaining throughout the year.  Hot or cold, many things in both your furnace and air conditioner require similar maintenance […]

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Improve attic insulation for better heating and cooling

Importance of a Properly Insulated Attic

A properly insulated attic is a key portion of maintaining energy efficiency in your home, regardless of whether it’s cold or hot outside.  A properly insulated home helps reduce climate control costs and the attic is no small part of that.  Improperly insulated attics are a major source of heat-loss during the winter and will cause your home […]

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How to Clean a Furnace Pilot Light

How to Clean a Pilot Light

While many pilot lights are being replaced with an electrical spark, older furnaces still use them.  A pilot light is an ever-burning gas flame built into your furnace to light it when heat is necessary.  Since the pilot light has a constant flow of gas to it, if it ever extinguishes, you would find yourself with a gas suffocation […]

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Types of Air Filters for HVAC and Furnaces

Which Air Filter do I Need?

Air filters keep the dust out, mitigate allergies, and keep pollution levels low inside our homes. Using the right filter can even mitigate (but not remove) the effects of smoke or pet dander.  A quality filter will always lead to better breathing, regardless of the season. Not all filters are created to the same specifications.  Different […]

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Common Furnace Problems and Fixes

Common Furnace Problems

Every year we turn on the heat when the weather gets cold outside.  The automatic thermostat for the furnace should stay at roughly the same level throughout the year to help regulate your home’s temperature to a comfortable level.  Every year, we get calls for furnace problems and most of them are simple problems.  In the end, they all boil […]

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Why Closing Vents Doesn't Improve energy Efficiency

Why Closing Vents Doesn’t Improve Energy Efficiency

When it comes to saving money, lowering the thermostat in the winter saves you on energy costs, so it makes sense that heating only the room you need to keep warm would also save on energy wouldn’t it? It would be possible, if closing vents adjusted how your furnace blower works.  Unfortunately, most blower fan motors are not designed […]

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