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How to Buy the LAST Air Conditioner You Will Ever Need for Less Than $79 a Month Plus Lower Your Energy Bills….

You can cut your utility bills and ADD value to your home…this premium air conditioner comes with a lifetime unit replacement guarantee, and you can own it for only $79 a month with our special Homeowner Helper Financing Program.

I’ll Get You Financed… Or I’ll Give You a $119 Super Tune Up for Free

Almost everyone can get financed on this program…and at great rates! If for some reason you do not qualify for this program I will give you a Super Tune Up on your air conditioner for free ($119 Value).  Call us today for your free estimate.  Our trained comfort advisor will perform an Engineering Analysis and walk you through your design options.

Side Effects Will Include:

  1. Lower Energy Bills: In Fact, Guaranteed 25% Energy Savings
  2. True Peace of Mind with a Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranty
  3. Custom Designed With You to Meet Your Families Budget and Needs
  4. Professionally Installed by Background Checked, Drug Tested, Certified Technicians
  5. Your 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guaranteed

Technician Seal of Safety Certified

Only the top technicians that are Technician Seal of Safety Certified can work for Service Legends, so you know we are putting safe, professional, and trained people in your home.

What 4 Factors determine the size of your investment in the right home comfort system?


How many square feet of living space does your home provide? What is the style or layout of the floor plan? One, two, three story? How does the construction determine the type of heating and/or air conditioning required? Is it designed for hot water heating, steam or forced air? The size, configuration, windows, and insulation will directly affect the size of your system.


What are the safety and building code requirements in your town, city or state? Strict safety and code requirements can significantly affect the cost of the installation.


There are products available today (that did not exist 10 years ago) designed to enhance the comfort your system provides: the purity and freshness of the air you breathe: and the convenience of your system’s operation and maintenance. Obviously, the more accessories you add, the more expensive your complete system will be.


You can choose the people you want in your home to install and service your furnace and air conditioning system. Do you want people who don’t smoke, drink, swear, or abuse your property or family members… someone without a criminal background? Do you want someone you know you can trust to enter your home with your spouse or children… someone you could even trust with a key to your home? These are the kinds of people we hire. They are rare and get paid very well. If they fail on any one of these points, they will not work for us.

Our technicians are as focused on their professional capabilities as they are on their moral convictions. They are certified graduates of one of the most elite HVAC training centers in the country. And they participate in a minimum of 150 hours a year of scheduled training sessions for new technology and installation best practices.

New Air Conditioner $79/month
with Lifetime Guarantee

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How do you know if it makes GOOD FINANCIAL sense to invest in a Home Comfort System? Use our Utility Overpayment Calculator.

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