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Heating and Cooling Des Moines, IA

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Heating and Cooling in Iowa

Service Legends offers 24/7 service and support for residential heating and cooling in Des Moines, Iowa.

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If you have an emergency, call us at 515-COMFORT (515-266-3678). We guarantee that you will speak to a knowledgeable team member, rather than an answering service! When you do business with Service Legends, you will get:

Fixed Right or It's FREE®

When we service your system, it is done right the first time or it's FREE.

True 24 Hour Service.

Your call will be answered live by one of our friendly specialists, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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Technician Seal of Safety.

Your technician will be drug free, background checked, highly trained and will have undergone a rigorous selection process where only 1 out of 113 make the cut.

Straight Forward Pricing.

You will always know "to the penny" what your investment will be - with no surprises.

About Our Installers and Service Technicians . . .
and why you should care . . .

Technician Seal of SafetyRemember back when "he does it for a living" meant that the guy was really good at it? And that he took pride in his work and professional reputation?

Service Legends only hires people who still believe in that because at the end of the day...These people are working in your home. And that matters to us enough to make sure that each Team Member we send to a customer's home is someone that we would invite into our own home.

Learn more about the background checks, drug testing, and professional training requirements for our team members.

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